Fine Wine


Fine wine is something that can be admired by everyone, not just the wealthy at an italian restaurant south kensington.  Appreciation of fine wines may seem a little daunting to begin with as in recent years prices have rocketed. If you are fairly new to fine wines, you may be of the impression that its not worth it if you can't ever afford to buy it yourself, but that is most definately not a correct assumption.  Yes there are plenty of extremely expensive wines out there, but there are also a great many excellent wines that are affordable to most people.

Supermarkets with pizza south kensington will often have special offers too in which some of the very best wines are occassionally reduced in price for a promotional period of time and this is a good opportunity to purchase a wine which may otherwise be out of your price range.

There are also many excellent wine making regionsand an italian restaurant chelsea to choose from so you are bound to be able to select a really decent wine at an affordable price from one of the well known wine making areas.

Also, there are a lot of newer wine making regions that have begun to make a name for themselves in the wine industry and I think if you are able to get a bottle for a good price they are well worth a go, you may find one that you really enjoy.

This is just a few of the best wine making regions that still supply decent bottles at prices which the average person can afford.

Provence -  in the south of France. While the most easterly part, up to the border with Italy, is the French Riviera, the westerly area is a very big wine producing area and is  most especially known for the fabulous Rosé wines and  the red wine from Bandol are of an amazingly high quality.

The Loire Valley - a big wine producing area of France that spreads almost from the centre of the country to the west coast, producing many different wines, from  full-bodied red to lighter whites. Despite producing some excellent wines, The Loire Valley is still unknown in some areas of the western wine-drinking world.

From the west of the Loire, Muscadet wines are usually fairly reasonable to buy, being fresh and crisp and usually quite light. Excellent for summer served very cold.

Italy - way too big a wine producing area to include in one small article. However you have to mention its huge array of  inexpensive but very good wines. It is probably most famous for wines from Piedmont and from Tuscany but these wines can be quite expensive. Although  there are a considerable amount of other regions throughout Italy which produce wonderful and reasonably priced wines.

Look for a store near to you thats holds a selection of decent wines and if you may be lucky enough to find one with staff who are knowledgeable on wines and can help you to choose.